Sam Neyt MDX Universal Magpie Caller

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Sam Neyt MDX Universal Magpie Caller is the successor of the MID-call and the very first caller we made out of another material than wood.

It was developed to generate a different corvid-count then the FT3 to keep the birds interested, especially when calling frequently the same area.  It is also very effective in the period of June-August when there is less corvid migration in Western Europe and you only have the local birds to call in which are already familiar with your FT3.

During this period you mostly call to the same birds in your areas and the ones that are still there are the smarter and more experienced crows which offer tremendous challenges in calling.

The MDX can be used in two different ways:

  • As a Magpie in Distress call.  use short calls, in full panic, it helps when you think that you are being ripped apart!
  • As a classic young crow call.  This imitates that sound of a less dominant and younger hooded or carrion crow.  The FT3 on the other hand imitates a real dominant crow and has a deeper, more aggressive and louder type of sound.

Both sounds will attract magpies, jays (Jays mainly with the Magpie in distress sound) carrion and hooded crows and even ravens at time.  Be not surprised when feral cats or foxes pop up when using this call, especially when using a magpie in distress call and when there are birds circling you.  The circling corvids often trigger a predator to come in faster to the call.

The MDX is thus both a specialist call for the passionate corvid hunter and at the same time also a very universal call which will attract a large variety of European wildlife.  A great feature about is that it can be used effectively handsfree so you are able to keep the birds interested at all times.

Please note that the MDX has a sharper and higher sound than the FT3 when used as a crow call and that it has a windy pitch to it.

The material we use for moulding the MDX is ABS 707, a very heavy, dense kind of material.  It is a material which is rarely used for commercial call making because of the heavy weight (and thus higher shipping costs) but we love it for our purpose because it is simply extremely tough.  This is one type of high end plastic which will survive all of us, and which will never every break or crack on you!

Sam Neyt MDX Universal Magpie Caller



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