AIM Rifle Butt Cheekpiece


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AIM Rifle Butt Cheekpiece

An extremely useful accessory at a sensible price.  Not only does it raise the head position slightly to give better eye/scope alignment, but on heavier calibers, its padded support absorbs some of the recoil sting.  Made from 1000 denier corder, the rifle butt cheekpiece sits saddle-like over the stock, and secures by three straps – two along the length and one around the recoil pad.  A rubber pad is on the cheek side.  On the other side is a zipped pouch for small items such as lens cloths and ammunition.  The outer wall of the pocket is velcro-covered for attaching the removable velcro ammo straps.

AIM Rifle Butt Cheekpiece

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Lincoln Green, Black

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