Arxus Primo Nord Zip

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Arxus Primo Nord Zip
Arxus Primo Nord Zip is designed for those who demands the best of a rubber boot with regards to comfort, fit and durability. Genuine natural rubber with the rubber thickness of 2.0 mm is a good insurance of a long life and resistance against sharp objects in the terrain.
The boot shaft opens by a robust Zip, which facilitates in and exiting. The strategically placed Zip located at the rear of the boot means that the zipper is bending along its own length, forwards and backwards, as apposed to side by side, thus, massively prolonging the life of the Zip. The quality of the is vital for extreme terrain. Arxus Primo Nord Zip is fitted with the world famous Swiss Riri Zippers.

The Arxus metal strap buckle around the top of the boot ensures that the boot can be clamped totally, and will not slip under pressure. The strap can also be tightened enough to stop water over flowing into the boot.
The exclusive leather rim edge prevents the lining separating from the rubber and increases the longevity of the boots.
The unique Arxus soles are designed to ensure comfort and support of the foot, even in soft terrain, such as moss, mud, and clay soil. The extra thickness of the sole (5 mm thickness), exclusive to Arxus, will reduce the risk of sharp or pointed objects in the terrain penetrating the sole. The unique X pattern provides an optimum foothold in all moving directions.

Arxus Primo Nord Zip has a 4 mm "Bordeaux-red" neoprene lining inside the whole boot and has a 5 mm removable anatomic and isolated EVA-sole to provide the best isolation against chill. The boots are very well suited for both mobile and stationairy hunting. Specified for -20° Celsius.

Arxus Primo Nord Zip

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