Bestard Active Cream Protector

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Bestard active cream protector

Suggestions for use, care and maintenance..
With adequate use, care and maintenance, the normal life-time of a boot can be considerably improved. It will also improve the efficiency and enjoyment of the boot during its use.

On the other hand: inappropriate treatment will normally lead to discomfort for the user and an unnecessarily early waste of the boot.

Before each use

Check that the GORE-TEX® lining is free from any dirt. We recommend that you shake the boot and brush the lining, as small particles, like small pebbles, might damage the lining, impairing its water-proof capability.
Check that you have trimmed your toe-nails. Long toe-nails can cause discomfort especially during descents. They might also perforate the GORE-TEX® lining, causing water-leakage.
Good socks are important for comfort and optimal use of the technical features on our boots. Socks should have a good tight fit to the foot and have flat seams to avoid sore feet. The materials should be adequate for effective moisture-management and expulsion of humidity. They should be durable, provide protective padding and adequate thermo-regulation.
When lacing the boot on, try to find the perfect pressure; not too loose, which might allow foot and heel to move inside, but not too tight in order to avoid discomfort. Be sure that there is enough space between your toes and the end of the boot (min. 1 cm), and that your heel doesn’t move.
Our laces have been treated to have an excellent resistance to abrasion and to repel humidity. This may also result in being slightly more slippery than common laces.
In order to avoid the shoelaces from coming undone, we recommend to use a secure knot, such as the Turquoise Turtle Knot (or Shoemaker’s Knot), Better Bow Shoelace Knot, Surgeon’s Shoelace Knot etc.

During use
Most Bestard-boots are fitted with a system of lace-blockers which help to avoid the shoes from coming off even if the shoelaces come undone. This might be also useful, when adjusting differentiated pressures of the leg without changing the lacing over the foot.
In order to help the evacuation of humidity considerably, especially during longer routes in warm climates, it’s advisable to have a pair of easily accessible spare socks and footbeds, and to change them regularly during use.
Avoid prolonged contact with animal faeces, as these might damage leather, sole, hardwear etc.

Cleaning and care after each use
Let your footwear dry naturally and don’t expose it to direct heat like fire, radiators, the sun, etc. Take out the footbeds for quicker drying.
Once the different components are no longer damp, brush off any dirt that might be left on any part of the boot. Don’t forget the inner parts and lining!
If your boots have been exposed to salt, extreme dirt, animal faeces or other substances which might damage the materials, the boot should be cleaned with luke-warm water and a brush before drying. NOTE: After having cleaned with water and brush, it’s necessary to give the boot a waterproofing treatment.
To clean the boot more thoroughly, there are several special products available.
For hygienic reasons it’s also advisable to occasionally clean the inner parts and the GORE-TEX® lining. Remove the footbed (also washable) and clean with luke-warm water and a brush (never use soap or other detergents).
Never wash Bestard footwear in any kind of washing-machine.
Once completely dry, store your footwear in a dry and ventilated place.

Water-repellence maintenance and leather-care
Leather is a natural product which, exactly like human skin, needs occasional treatment in order not to dry out and crack. It’s therefore extremely important to give it a regular treatment with a good shoe-cream.
In order for the GORE-TEX® membrane to work correctly and to keep the footwear waterproof, all leather and textiles on our products have all been given a thorough process of water-repelling treatment. In order to maintain the water-repellence of the materials, we advise you to treat them regularly (and always after each cleaning with water and brush) with waterproofing products.
Apply Vaseline occasionally to the metal hard-wear in order to protect it from corrosion.
NOTE: Any product applied to our boots and shoes should be appropriate for GORE-TEX® footwear. We recommend the use of the specially developed Bestard Boot  Active cream Protection line. Other products, especially those based on greases, oil and silicone, might damage the breathing capacity of the leather. Excessive use of greases and similar might also adversely affect the structure and sturdiness of the leather and damage the parts made of natural rubber (outsole, toe-protection, rand etc).

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