Deerhunter Recon Stormliner Fleece Jacket


Deerhunter Recon Stormliner Fleece Jacket

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Completely new from the Deerhunter Recon series of clothing.  This jacket offers the shooter the latest camo pattern on the market, combined with very technical clothing to compliment the shooters requirements.  The Recon jacket has Deerhunter’s own Stormliner® lining which protects the shooter from the weather, keeping out the rain and wind but still allowing the body to breathe.

Stormliner® is 99.99% waterproof, as it is not seam-sealed.  For cold conditions use, the jacket has been tested to 0 degrees, however with the breathable Stormliner®, it is very comfortable to wear up to 20 degrees.  Equipt® Pixel Pattern pixelation, which is multifactorial, changes like a chameleon and blends in with nature.  With this camouflage, the quarry will not be able to see how close the hunter really is, increasing your chances of gaining proximity to your quarry.  Equipt® adapts to nature with its multi grey/brown and green shades, whether it is in open fields or forest.  The pattern is changing constantly, and doesn’t show a motif but, because of the pixelation, it adapts to the shapes and colours in nature, becoming a part of it.  Equipt® is the best choice for the serious hunter, who wants the top possible camouflage, and will only settle for the best.

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