Fenix HL40R Rechargeable Focusing Headlamp

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Fenix HL40R Rechargeable Focusing Headlamp

Fenix HL40R is a rechargeable focusing headlamp that features a built-in micro USB rechargeable 2000 mAh Lipo battery which enables the headlamp to offer exceptional performance from compact dimensions.  HL40R features a burst output of 600 lumens, constant max output of 300 lumens and dual switch operation with 2 operating modes.  General mode offers Low- Mid - High outputs and is accessed via the large right hand button.  Functional mode offers Reading and SOS outputs and is accessed via the smaller left hand button.  The switches can be locked out by the user to prevent accidental operation.  A twist of the lamp head focuses the beam from spot to flood and the head is angle adjustable through 60 degrees for perfect beam alignment.

A battery meter (4 LED's) is built into the lamp unit to indicate both remaining battery level in use and charge status while charging with the suppled micro USB cable.  The newly designed split head band covers a wide area for the ultimate in comfortable use.

Complete weather proof, Fenix HL40R can be used in the most extreme outdoor conditions.

IMPORTANT: Please recharge the battery every 4 months to maintain battery health.

For full product details please refer to the user manual in the images area.

Fenix HL40R Rechargeable Focusing Headlamp

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