Tikka T3x Compact Tactical Bottom Metal

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Tikka T3x Compact Tactical Bottom Metal

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Tikka T3x Compact Tactical Bottom Metal

This Atlasworx  bottom metal will only fit the Tikka CTR, which then enables you to use AICS compatible magazines which are a lot cheaper than the original Tikka magazines.

Straight drop in, you may need to adjust the synthetic stock very slightly due to manufacturing slight differences.  Made from aircraft grade aluminium then anodised for a tough finish.

The  Bottom Metal for Tikka T3 / T3X CTR Short Action  is of a light weight construction using a structural strength Alloy (AL6061 T6) and is finished with a durable anodize coating in matte black. This Bottom Metal comes with two types of levers to give you more options and was introduced into our product line to give the end user an alternative to using the "Hard to get and expensive" original CTR magazines.

"Bottom Metals (AICS)  are made to utilize the most reliable detachable box magazines commonly  used in today's bolt action rifles, which is the Accuracy International AICS magazine.

The  benefits of using the superior AICS magazines are for their reliability and availability in 5 or 10 round capacity.

The AICS pattern is also becoming a standard for other magazine manufacturers such as Accurate Mag and MDT amongst others, therefore making the AICS pattern magazines more readily available and cost effective".

No inletting is required when using this item in an existing stock with a CTR inlet. (Due to slight variation between magazines and inlet depths, a slight adjustment may be required to the DBM lever height by simply taking a small amount off the height of the lever).

Footprint plans are available in pdf or digital format.

Our Bottom Metal Features :

  • Made From AL6061 T6 Structural Grade Alloy - For Strength
  • Matte Black Anodize - For Durability
  • Light Weight Construction - 127 Grams
  • Gives a Tactical Look to your set up
  • Has the long lever option for quick magazine release (Popular for Target Shooting)
  • Has the "Hdden Lever" installed which reduces accidental activation.
  • Drop in fit for existing CTR inlets.
  • Utilizes AICS Pattern Short Action Magazines
  • Enables the use of more reliable Magazines
  • Better Round Capacity
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